Magic Voice Days New Zealand

International Sound Healing Voice Workshops

Well Corona-Crises worldwide brought us to hold on with a lot of projects and plans. This was the case also for the Sound Healing Voice Workshops for 2020 in New Zealand. But we will keep on singing.


If you experience and free your voice - you experience and free yourself.


Experience your voice - the strength, the healing quality the wisdom in it, which leads you home to yourself - and soon you will sing your own melody again, louder than ever expected. It doesn't matter how you sing, it doesn't matter what others once said about your voice. This is not a camp to sing the "right" notes - because there is no existence of "right" or wrong. Voice is magic and therefore there are no faults only variations. These will be a beautiful and magic voice experience days. Unfold your voice and you unleash your Being and find out your own melody of life. More Information you will find here soon.


Die Coachingausbildungen findest Du hier:

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Bei der findest Du auch alle anderen Onlinekurse incl. Deinen Zugang hierzu.


Als Coachin bin ich der Verschwiegenheit verpflichtet. Coaching ist keine Heilkunde,sondern als Beratungsleistung zu sehen, die sich außerhalb der Heilkunde befindet. Ich schließe mich den Ethik-Maßstäbe und Hinweise für ehrbares Geschäftsgebahren des Deutschen Bundesverbandes Coaching (DBVC) sowie des Deutschen Fachverbandes Coaching (DFC). 

Interview mit homeandrelax
Interview mit homeandrelax