The Voice is so powerful that ancestors used it for thousands of years for healing & more

Our voice reveals the whole range of our personality. Is this true? I think it is. When we are born we have the power to shout out as loud as we can. It is nearly unbelievable how powerful we were. When we grew up we adapted first our voice and then our personality in the way the outer world wanted us. And the question is "Do we express our own sound, our own voice?" Above this I'm convinced that working on our voice is working on our personality and visa versa.


There are many books as well as science studies regarding the positive and beautiful effects on singing: it is healthy, funny and relaxing. I want to share with you some more deep insights regarding singing.


  • Singing brings you to a deeper breath
  • Breath connects us with ourself and the outer world
  • Breath is the carrier of our life energy and vitality. It is linked to the rhythm of the universe. There are interferences between both rhythms. They influence each other. That means a human being who lives in hectic atmosphere sooner or later he or she will sense the results in breathing and health.
  • Breath is the existential basis for the organism.
  • If you activate your lungs, you directly activate your diaphragm. This is the muscle we are connected with the outside world. Because each and every influence, impacts or factors which affect us are registered by the diaphragm as every emotion calls a reaction of the diaphragm and results in our breath.
  • There is a high correlation of personal development opportunities and the possibilities to unfold our voice. When  there is a free flowing of the voice we have a better perception of ourselves. We are more authentic and it‘s easier to address our issues and concerns without pressure and fear.
  • Singing connects you to your higher self as well as to your spirituality

free your voice & you free yourself

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Interview mit homeandrelax
Interview mit homeandrelax